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Who Needs It?

Anyone Susceptible to human error is now "The Perfect Marksman"

You already have a good rifle and have spent money on nice shooting rests or shooting might even have some type of handicap that keeps you from enjoying this equipment like you used to.  This product allows you to combine the equipment you probably already own and eliminate any excuse for "flyers" in your groups.  Eliminate doubts as to the precision of your scope's proper zero setting.  Pull the trigger safely, consistently and cost effectively...dare we say; PERFECTLY.  Enjoy your new option to spare yourself the punishment of heavy recoil at the range.  Never waste another bullet with a flinch while doing your yearly sight-in test at the range before hunting action begins.  Now, for less cost than a box of ammo, you can hire "The Perfect Marksman" for life!

Competition Shooters!!!

We can now compare ourselves shooting the same rifle/ammo on the same day in the same conditions to "The Perfect Marksman."  We all are striving to tighten our groups to the smallest our rifle is capable of and to maximize the allocation of our time either to the reloading bench or to the practice facility knowing we are focused on where the improvement is needed.

Cost Effective Solution to an Age Old Problem

Gun rests are great...BUT...they are not perfect.  Heavy and vice like rests when clamped down on your rifle risk damage during recoil and produce a different point of impact than firing from your shoulder.  Light weight rests simply do not eliminate near enough of the natural human error we are all prone to once we reach for the trigger.  This product ends our search and our seemingly endless investments into a solution.  Furthermore, If we eliminate possibility of error during the site-in process we therefore eliminate wasted ammo!

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